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lipstick lookalike horror

That’s right – we’ve all done it. Bought a cosmetic item thinking that it was similar yet different enough to something else in your collection, only to find out that when you get home to compare the two, there’s hardly any difference!

At Makeup Diversity Forum, for this reason, we have what is called a swatch forum. Members can request that lipstick A and lipstick B be swatched on the back of a hand to see just how similar the colours really are. Or eyeshadows, perhaps? It looked so different instore but it’s just like 3-4 others you’ve got (I’m guilty of this myself!).

Diverse Makeup Talk

We encourage members to post their requests and also help out fellow members who are looking for cosmetic comparisons – if you have the product and a digital camera. If you need help with swatching, feel free to PM any of the staff at Makeup Diversity and they will only be too happy to help!

So use this resource to save money! Now get requesting and happy swatching!


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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Many companies will be having some sort of fundraising that will go towards funding research into breast cancer and its causes.

It’s never too late to start self-examinations. It’s a great habit to get into, so please do them regularly. If you’re at the age where mammograms are highly recommended, see your doctor about getting one. They might be uncomfortable but it would be nothing compared to the discovery of malignant cells.

We’ve got a special skin up on the MUD forum to help you all remember, so come and check it out!

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