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new year, new features!

It’s a new year, and Makeup Diversity has plenty of fabulous new features!

  • adding friends on MUD!
  • new skins
  • more gallery albums for members – upload your pics!

We’d like to wish all our members new and old a happy and safe new year and thank you for your support of Makeup Diversity Forum. It’s been great to get to know you all!

Remember, if you need any help please don’t hesitate to contact our lovely admins:

Jude, sxychika1014 & SerendipityPink

As well as our moderators:

Baudelaire, Kimberly, mspixieears, Tara Tempelhof

We welcome all people of all interests, backgrounds and such so don’t be afraid to come visit our cozy little beauty-addicted haven!


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we’re back, bigger and better!

Thanks to the wonderful efforts of our dear admin SerendipityPink, Makeup Diversity Forum is back upgraded with lots of small features to make it even better! There are some slight changes to the internally hosted blogs feature, and also our gallery where members can have their own albums!

So, here’s a run-down of some new things – now you can add friends! Click on the profile of anyone, and you can see at the bottom right-hand corner, your friends are listed. Above that, anyone who visits your profile might like to leave you a short message, just to say hi. Above that, you can see who has recently visited your profile.

You can also view a summary of topics that a person has started on their profile, and click to read more. So check it out and get familiar with it and leave your MUD pals some messages while you’re at it.

At the moment, we only have one skin fully functional now that the upgrade is done but rest assured that SerendipityPink is doing her best to get our lovely old ones back up and running. Our only one is very suitable for the festive season though, wouldn’t you agree?

You might experience a few minor problems online but hopefully these will be sorted out quickly. In the meantime, thanks for being members of Makeup Diversity Forum and if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, any of the staff members would love to hear from you.

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Subscribe to Diverse Makeup Talk!

Now you can get e-mails with the latest news about your favourite “makeup and more” forum! It’s simple: either save the following as a bookmark:

Or you can enter your e-mail address in the following – and please be assured that your information will not be passed onto third parties and that you are free to unsubscribe at any time:

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Everyone’s doing it these days!

If you’re a member of MUD, then just click on ‘Blogs’ on the forum toolbar and you can start your own!

Record whatever you want – hauls, everyday stuff, thoughts. Because they are internally hosted, you don’t need to worry about anyone who doesn’t understand your splurging addiction – share them with the members so we can all ooh and aah!

Have a lovely day!

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Hello to all our MUD members

Greetings MUD members!

Finally our forum is back online! Please don’t forget that you need to reregister and will be sent a validation e-mail, we’d love to see you all back on MUD!!!
Stay tuned for beauty buzz, articles and Snarkattack’s Blogcritics column all about…beauty!

It’s wonderful to finally be back in the swing of things, and we look forward to catching you on the boards, truly!

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